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About Thelma

Clothes that mean business


Thelma Espina’s outlook is heavily influenced by her multicultural upbringing in a land of heavy aesthetic eclecticism. Traces of the artful rarities and exotic cultural plurality she grew up around abound in her unique
designs, where previously adamant paradigms are broken seamlessly with her distinctly Tropical and post-Mayan understanding of cultural and visual plurality.

 Thelma’s work incorporates handwoven, hand embroidered and refined materials into works of art that faithfully represent her roots. The result, highest sophistication of sustainable fashion in vibrant one of a kind pieces. Handmade by local artisans combining Guatemalan finest and ancestral techniques with modern luxury designs.

Early childhood forays around some of the design capitals of the world steadily primed her creative mind and influenced her for what would result in an uncanny ability for combining seemingly incompatible influences and forms to create the multifarious examples of post-modernist art that laymen might dare call ‘clothing’.

Whether it be London, Milan, Monte Carlo, or New York, the multitudinous influences of this stalwart’s Meatpacking-meets Tikal design prowess are sure to impress anyone from the most jaded Williamsburg fashion blogger, to the incredulous East-Londoner and the Parisienne who’s seen it all.